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Design+Do is an innovative partnership between impact-oriented organizations in Central Oklahoma. Each Design+Do competition brings teams of 5th graders together at the Tom Love Innovation Hub in Norman to put their creative minds to work. As a team, they are given a task to design a structure and then build a prototype out of provided materials such as marshmallows and wooden sticks. Engage is proud be part of this collaborative effort to empower student creativity and Oklahoma’s maker imagination. Thanks to our partner, Devon Energy, for supporting innovative STEAM learning opportunities for Oklahoma students!

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In the News - Design+Do Spring 2018

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Design+Do began in 2018 as an innovative partnership aimed at giving students transformational STEAM experiences. In March 2018, teams of 5th graders from eight Norman schools gathered to build prototypes of their never-before-seen playground designs. For two months leading up to challenge day, teams developed their playground ideas on paper. On March 2nd, they brought their creations to life.