Our mission is to transform students into problem seekers who have the creative confidence and tenacity to find unique solutions for the current and future problems facing our world.



The Engage Learning experience begins with an open-ended design and engineering challenge. While the contours of the challenge are shaped by Engage staff, the students are the ones who create and implement the solution. Students own the ideation, design, and fabrication process from the very first day as they experience the pleasures of figuring things out. Adult coaches support Engage students throughout the project: we lead them out of their comfort zone, guide the process of discovery, celebrate their creative ideas, suggest alternate approaches and teach new skills and concepts as needed. We also coach our students through the often difficult process of “failing forward”: embracing and learning from mistakes as they develop resilience.

On completion, the final product that the team creates is donated to their community. Each striking installation has a useful function and becomes part of the "learning landscape" Engage is creating throughout central Oklahoma. The community aspect of the final product is not only extremely motivating for our students, but also allows each project to have an impact beyond the small group of students on each project team. 

engage girls staining edited.JPG


“Engage has been an unbelievable experience for our daughter. She has never had the opportunity she has been afforded here. The chance to design, the chance to build, the chance to think outside the box—or as the students kept saying, to “burn the box” and create something brand new—was truly amazing.”

— Parent of Alcott Middle School Student